19/02/2005 - SlyControl 2.7.12 (update)

Update some scripts (FlyDS, Winamp 5, etc.)
Include new plug-ins SAA713x, MSRC, IgorPlug, MSIMega
btRemote now support BtWinCap WDM driver
OSD can be disabled from plug-in setup or by script

13/04/2004 - Slycontrol 2.7.12

Find and Replace in script editor
You can fix application path in configuration wizard
Plugin DCD is more stable now
Script for AverTV 5.x
Script for WinDVD 5
Plugin Keyboard supports scrolling on BTC keyboards
You can specify prevent keys in plugin Keyboard
Fixed mouse wheel emulation in plugin Mouse
Add / fixed config files for plugin btRemote

01/01/2004 - Slycontrol 2.7.11

Plugin OSM - updated setup dialog window
Plugin WinMon - fixed position checking in Advanced mode
Plugin Keyboard - fixed layout changing for command TYPE
Fixed SndMixer plugin
Updated Math plugin
Updated Fly2000TV plugin
Updated FlyDS plugin and script
New script for Axife FM Radio
Updated FlyRC2 plugin, add AverTV Model 305 support
Added AverMedia AverTV DVB-S config for btRemote plugin

08/12/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.10

Hooks.dll renamed to SlyHooks.dll, no more conflicts with Hooks.dll from other applications
UIR plugin support only Uniper / Irman devices. New plugin IrCom support Pinnacle PCTV, Creative DVD iNFRA, etc.
btRemote plugin includes tweaked nt8x8 WDM drivers by Ivan Uskov
New Ir210 plugin support Tekram IR-210 and other SIR COM IrDA devices
New plugin FlyRC2 support Philips SAA713x based TV tuners
New option in btRemote - "Ignore repeat"
SndMixer - now there is no necessity of initial adjustment
OSM plugin now can load profiles separately for each application
DCD plugin supports RAW mode
New script for adjust Balance / Fade on Creative SB Live! / Audigy

19/07/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.9

New script for XMPlay and mv2player
New plugin MSI (Microstar) Remote Control supports VGA Cards which with remote control sensor and TV Tuner Cards (MS-8606...)
New script for Rhapsody internet radio
Update WinMon preset for CrystalPlayer
New plugin and script for LightAlloy
New script for TVTool
Update plugin and script for FlyDS
Update script for ZoomPlayer
Add wplm plugin to download
Support Girder plugins
Add new commands to WinCtrl plugin for advanced users
Fixed ATI Remote Wonder plugin
Shadow text in OSD
Updated WinMon and WinCtrl plugins
New MediaCenter plugin and script
New ShowShifter script
New ChrisTV script
New IrfanView plugin and script
New CrystalPlayer script
New Multidec script
New MediaPlayerClassic script
Addede bitwise operators to Math plugin
New schematic for sndRemote
Updated third-pary plugins in download section

25/05/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.8

New plugin for ProgDVB
New script for Cinematograph
ExecFile supports environments

2/04/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.7

Auto select 16 / 256 colors for tray icon
Fixed some bugs in SndMixer

24/03/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.5

Script for nVidia DVD Player
Script for ACDSee 5.0
Script for ICE Book Reader
SndMixer keeps in a configuration not only ID, but also the name of a mixer control
uIce and WinLirc clients don't show message box on disconnect (write to log)
It is modified Keyboard plugin: reacts to holds and release keys, prevent actions for multimedia keys in Windows XP, StartManual command registers shortcuts that other applications did not react to them etc.
Fixed Mouse plugin, add wheel emulation.
In the ExecFile description look examples of rundll32 command
Add Ln, Log2 and Log10 to Math plugin, in variable @1 returns result in the string form (the fractional part is not lost)
WinMon.ActionPreset() returns window title and class name in @1 and @2
New Str plugin for manipulating strings
New 256-color tray icons
In ConfigurationWizard directory scripts are not duplicated, unnecessary scripts are disabled by $DISABLED command in the first line and not displayed in the editor
Now in scripts .ActionManual command can be passed, for example OSD.ActionManual ("TEST") is equivalent OSD ("TEST")

24/02/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.4

New RX mode in DCD plugin
CyberLink PowerVCR II script
New pv951 plugin for Acorp pv951 TV tuner remote control
Fixed CD-ROM access bug in CDAudio plugin
Fixed some bugs in OSD plugin
Plugin function ActionManual can update extended hooks params including string variables (see source of Winamp plugin in SDK)
Some modifications in core (correct processing empty string constant in scripts, use TAB in script editor, use extended hooks params in Break and Skip conditions)

01/02/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.2

New WriteLog plugin
TrayIcon can show balloon tooltips
DCD & sndRemote supports Daewoo remote controls
OSD support ConfigLine in ActionManual function, including background color
Plugins moved to subdirectories
Update BSPlayer plugin
Some modifications in scripts
Mouse events (wheel, buttons)
New scripts for JetAudio 5.x and WinDVD 4.x
New WinMon ActionManual feature (see example in windvd.scs)

22/01/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7.1

Adjustable font for script editor and dialogs
Keyboard plugin support Direct Input 8
New remote control plugin for tuner Tekram M205 Pro
Update DCD and sndRemote plugins
New script for Real player, Sonique
WinMon plugin detects changing of windows title
Interactive remap remote control buttons via OSM (press some times for select, press and hold to apply, see examples for buttons SOURCE and SETUP in script RemoteOsm.scs)
Dynamic updating items in OSM from script
Scrolling OSM for large lists
Winamp plugin support bookmarks via OSM (press DISPLAY for open bookmarks list)

3/01/2003 - Slycontrol 2.7

iuVCR plugin & script
Fly2000TV plugin & script (update)
Easy ShutDown timer
Update sndRemote plugins
Update DCD plugin (changed priority)
Hardware access driver selection in btRemote plugin, support WDM
Update CDAudio plugin & script
OSD fixed error with Border=0, add Min.Width parameter
SndMixer add "get current value" action
Script for auto unmute/mute sound when start/close TV/Radio program (need to configure presets MuteTuner, UnmuteTuner)
Support ZSoft Lupa (http://www.zsoft.h1.ru/)
Update default OSM config
Add font dialog for script editor
Update Slider plugin
Add LightAlloy to ConfigWizard

13/12/2002 - Slycontrol 2.6.3:

Bolloon Hint can be disabled
Plugin btRemote may analyze unknown tuners, support Leadtek WinFast TV2000
All plugins for remote control understand a code 0, in UIR it is not necessary to set inversion
Add script for FMRadio
In WinCtrl plugin it's possible to specify some messages under the name, for example "WM_COMMAND"

21/11//2002 - Slycontrol 2.6

New Configuration Wizard
Scripts for Fly2000TV, ProgDVB, UltraPlayer
New rm050 plugin
New LiveDrive plugin
New HWIO driver for btRemote plugin
Fixed DScaler script
Add nplayer support
New ZoomPlayer plugin
UIR plugin support Creative DVD iNFRA, update Pinnacle Studio PCTV codes
Fixed WinMon plugin
Fixed OSD plugin
Add OSM plugin
Add Desktop monitoring to WinMon plugin

13/10/2002 - SlyControl 2.5

Windows XP SP1 compatibility now
Installation includes SDK
New direct plugins and scripts for BSPlayer and DScaler
WLircSrv plugin disabled by default
UIR plugin support Pinnacle Studio PCTV tuner
Script tts.scs disabled by default in main.scs
Add timeout parameters to INI file for plugins btRemote, UIR, DCD, sndRemote

16/09/2002 - SlyControl 2.4

Fixed Keyboard bug in Win98
New commands in Keyboard plugin - Direct send keyboard messages
WinMon plugin detect x_CREATE event
New TrayIcon plugin control SlyControl icon in system tray
New Apollo plugin and script
Winamp 3 script
AverTV script
Slider plugin from alex_idt@mail.ru
Fixed FlyDS script bug (Zoom)
DCD plugin priority changed to TIME_CRITICAL, changed time-out
DCD and sndRemote plugins now support Thomson remote control
Fixed Windows Media Player script (FullScreen mode)
Removed international key names support from Keyboard plugin
Fixed sndRemote with NEC remote control
Add Hibernate and Suspend to WinExit plugin
Winamp plugin may return the songname
Fixed bug at parameters checking in OSD plugin
Fixed btRemote monitoring
Jet-Audio script
Update AverTV script for version 4.x
Optimization songs monitorin in Winamp plugin
Auto reinstall hooks in WinMon plugin (WinMon stayed idle after closing Jet-Audio)
New OSD plugin (alpha blend, transparent, don't show in taskbar).
Bug fix in WinCtrl, changed timeout in DCD for NEC modulation.
New features in UIR plugin.

25/05/2002 - SlyControl 2.3

Fixed SlyControl 2.2 - FFFF.. error under Win98
Scripts are simplified, TTS plugin is disabled by default.
Necessary plugins are loaded automatically even without Load command.
Additional parameters at event are added.
New plugin WinLIRC server, for example to operate BSPlayer it is enough in its adjustments to specify names of buttons.
Plugin DCD now understands a signal not only on line DCD, but also DSR, CTS, RING, supports new devices, in the description circuits are added.

5/05/2002 - SlyControl 2.2

Add plugins DCD and TTS
Changed format of sndRemote configuration file (support more Remote Control units)
Add plugin and script for FlyDS
Add Sasami2k script
Fixed WinLIRC plugin
Add Win9x compatibility mode to Keyboard plugin

18/04/2002 - SlyControl 2.1.2

Scripts update, add new presets
Add Borg plugin

8/04/2002 - SlyControl 2.1.1

Keyboard plugin supports the multimedia keyboard
Add Joystick plugin

3/04/2002 - SlyControl 2.1

wizard for creating/editing script
Keyboard plugin support Windows button and multimedia buttons
Add UIR / IRman plugin
Fixed WinMon plugin
Add bitmaps/icons to OSD plugin
Add Remote Control HOLD mode

13/03/2002 - SlyControl 2.0

31/01/2002 - SlyControl 1.11b

Add support new remote control for btRemote plugin
WinLIRC is replaced with WIRC v0.6.2a3

26/11/2001 - SlyControl 1.10b

btRemote - support AverTV Model 103.
New plugins: OSD, SndMixer, uICE.
Fixed sndRemote problem with some SONY remote controls.
Add "Test action" button.
Add default settings for JTV.

13/11/2001 - SlyControl 1.06b

New option - Disable Event plugin.
Add support new remote control for plugins btRemote and sndRemote.

8/11/2001 - SlyControl 1.05b

add WinLIRC
sndRemote now support Tekram and Creative
Fixed bag "Can't create DirectSoundCapture Buffer" (some sound card drivers not work with DirectX 8)

28/10/2001 - SlyControl 1.03b

add sndRemote
update Window Monitor

8/10/2001 - SlyControl 1.0

July 1999 - IR_Ctrl Demo