TV tuner card based on Conexant cx2388x chip

The plug-in universal also can be theoretically adjusted for any tuner on this chip.

Now there are ready adjustments for:
Prolink PixelView Pro TV Ultra
If for your tuner there are no ready adjustments it is possible to make own *.cfg file. Open file Unknown.cfg with a notepad and save as MyTuner.cfg, replace parameter:

Name="My tuner"

Open plug-in setup and choose Model: My tuner. All time will be informed Pressed ostensibly the button is pressed. Press buttons and look Code...

It is necessary to determine what bit varies by pressing and to release buttons.
For Prolink PixelView Pro TV Ultra PressMask =00000080.
If by pressing the button (Code AND PressFlag) <> 0 then PressFlag =1, otherwise PressFlag =0
Now by pressing buttons it should be informed correctly Pressed / Released.

It is necessary to determine a mask for codes of buttons. Then it is necessary to write down in section [Keys] names of buttons and their codes by analogy:


Please send me your adjusting files for other tuners.


Default type: "REMOTE"
ID: "<Button name>"
Parameter: Repeat counter, -1 if released

Wait before repeat: 300 ms
Repeat time: 100 ms

Actions: none

Run plugin setup for choice of tuner model and viewing button names.