Using any IR remote control unit through sound card

The idea to use a sound card for reception IR remote control has occurred to me July, 13, 1999. All programs working by this principle are based on mine IR Remote Control DEMO from August, 6, 1999 and it source code.


The theory and list of tested remote controls

Connection to a sound card



Default type: "REMOTE"
ID: "<Button name>"
Parameter: Repeat counter, -1 if released

Wait before repeat: 300 ms
Repeat time: 100 ms

Actions: none

Run plugin setup for choice of sound card and see / define button names.

Connection to a sound card

The full duplex sound card is used (the best results can be received on Sound Blaster Live).
Instead of a microphone it is stuck the IR photo diode.

It is the best to use the photomodule:

SFH506-36 =

TK1833TSOP1836, IS1U60L, GP1U52X, SFH506-36, TK1833.

Usually remote control works on distance up to 10 m.

1. GND
2. VCC (+5V)
The circuit for
connection to Mic:

It is possible to use and the photomodule from TV-tuner (AverTV).
The circuit for connection is similar.
The circuit for
connection to Line-In:


Mixer in section Record it is desirable to put on a maximum.

PulseTime and PulseLevel are used for definition of front of a signal (pulses should be rectangular). For the beginning or the end of a pulse the signal changed more than on PulseLevel in time less than PulseTime is accepted. By default PulseTime=2, PulseLevel=10.

Demodulation at true adjustments: