Description Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Size Date M/D/Y
SlyControl 2.7.12 - English version, including all plugins, w/o help 4.5MB 9/19/2005
SlyControl Help - English version 1MB 9/19/2005
Plug-in GotView.dll for GotView TV tuners 128KB 2/11/2008
Plug-in cx2388x.dll for Conexant cx2388x chip based TV tuners
(Prolink PixelView Pro TV Ultra and etc.)
More info>>> 78KB 5/12/2005
Plug-in SAA713x.dll for Philips SAA713x chip based TV tuners
(AverTV 307, LifeView TV Prime 34FM and etc.)
More info>>> 74KB 2/17/2005
Plug-in MSIMega.dll for MSI Barebone / Mega Series
More info>>> 109KB 1/20/2005
Plug-in MSRC.dll for Microsoft eHome Remote Control
More info >>> 113KB 10/20/2004
Plug-in IgorPlug.dll for IgorPlug-USB (AVR)
More info >>> 87KB 1/20/2005
Developed plug-ins for the new hardware see here
Description Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Size Date M/D/Y
C++ / Delphi / .NET interfaces, plug-ins source code, samples 124KB 10/1/2004
Third party SlyControl plug-ins and scripts
Description Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Size Date M/D/Y
Plug-in USB IrDA
Details >>>
(thanks to Timohin Valery Sergeevich) 1.8MB 09/24/2010
Plug-in Girder.dll allow to use plug-ins from Girder with SlyControl 53KB 7/1/2004
The plug-in to control the application GoTView PRO
See details on the official site GoTView >>>
(thanks to Burchik Vladimir)
GoTViewSly.rar GoTViewSly.rar 533KB 17.06.2009
Plug-in gBlueRemote to control the PC from your smartphone via the bluetooth adapter. There is the client application for Symbian smartphones (thanks to Pavlenko Alexey) gBlueRemote.rar gBlueRemote.rar 216KB 09/15/2008
Plug-in Hiber can be used to restart the DCD plug-in after Hibernate mode (thanks to Nibbler) 30KB 8/03/2008
Plug-In IgorPlug(2).dll
Look at the IgorPlug2 home page for more details >>> 74KB 5/21/2008
Scripts for KMPLayer (thanks to valerbas77 and da77) 45KB 11/28/2008
Plug-In Aimp.dll to control AIMP (thanks to Holo) 30KB 4/24/2008
OOSD - alternative OSD Smith's 2.4MB 01/10/2015
Explorer advanced version of WMPL plug-in.
Author: KuznetsovOA
LPT control devices connected to LPT port.
Author: KuznetsovOA
JTView 2.56
SoundWin7 - controls sound volume in Windows 7.
Автор: KuznetsovOA
Plug-in SlyOpenFile for select a file
Author: Alexey 124KB 5/22/2005
Official plug-in for Behold TV
More info>>> 29KB 1/25/2005
Script for Behold TV application by AlFil 5KB 2/15/2005

Plug-in Slider
Author: ,
fixed by,
Vitaly Bodin,
Igor Evdokimov

- Adjustment count of points
- Save config in dll's directory
- Smooth hides
- Now worked in Win98
- Correctly displayed without text
More info >>> 48KB 3/16/2003

Analogue Slider is created only by a script with use available plug-ins
More info >>>

OSD Slider - 10/1/2004

Plug-ins by Atis Lezdins aka xAM
UdpEvents - it can be used for remote-controlling SlyControl over Network
Screen - useful for automated changing of resolution
Clock can be used for
- displaying current time if you're watching TV, no need to minimize your TV-program.
- displaying welcome screens, that differ, depending from time of day, etc.
More info >>> 98KB 2/20/2003

Scripts by Eval'das Sichyunas
Crystal Player (updated)- Zoom, Brightness, Contrast, Capture
FlyDS (updated) 13KB 11/15/2004

WPLM by shad
WinampPLManager (searches for files by mask and adds them in OSM menu)
More info >>> 36KB 8/17/2003

RemoteBeeper by Bechikov Alexander aka TeSTeR
More info >>> 15KB 7/17/2003

More info >>>

sc2foobar2k.rar sc2foobar2k.rar 62KB 10/1/2004

FSPlay - script for Full Screen Player

sc2fsp.rar sc2fsp.rar 6KB 10/1/2004

Update script for Winamp with support equalizer and cool icons
author: W-u-F ( 26KB 10/1/2004

Plug-ins by Andrei Karas
Megatec UPS controlling plugin
.NET String formater 89KB 10/17/2004
Third party utilities
Description Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Size Date M/D/Y
WinTreeInfo - Windows Monitor from SlyControl as standalone utlity 401KB 10/22/2003
UniperTest - test UIR compatible IR receivers 252KB 10/22/2003
ZSoft Lupa - advanced magnifier
Home page 215KB 1/3/2003
uICE 2 WinLIRC Translator 163KB -