ATI Remote Wonder plugin (AtiRemote.dll)

You'll need the actual "ATI Remote Wonder" remote

You'll be able to use all of the remote buttons except the top four buttons: "TV", "DVD", "WEB", and "Channel Guide"

How to install:
1. Install ATI Remote Wonder software version 1.2
2. Copy AtiRemote2SlyCtrl.dll to C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl\Plug-Ins
3. Launch ATI Remote Wonder software.
4. Right click on the system tray icon and select Properties.
5. Click on the Plug-Ins tab.
6. Click Import, and choose "AtiRemote2SlyCtrl.dll"
7. Launch SlyControl
8. Click "Start configuration wizard"
9. Check the "AtiRemote" and press Apply

It should work now. When you press the remote buttons, the AtiRemote2SlyCtrl.dll will recieve the message from the remote software, and send it to AtiRemote.dll which will then send it to SlyControl.

How to use the remote's custom buttons:
1. Open properites for the ATI Remote Wonder software
2. Click on the "Program" tab.
3. Select "Specific to current active feature"
4. Choose "SlyControl 2.x Plugin" from the "When in focus" combo dropdown.
5. For the Button A combo drop down, choose "Button A"
6. For the Button B combo drop down, choose "Button B"
7. Repeat for the rest of the buttons.
8. Click OK

This process map the custom buttons so that ATI's software won't complain that they aren't mapped. Then they can be used in SlyControl to do anything you want.

AtiRemote.dll summary:


Default type: "REMOTE"
ID: "<Button name>"
Parameter: Repeat counter, -1 if released

Actions: none