Aver DVB-SE-LineKWorld

TV tuner card based on on bt848/878 chip:

AverTV Model 203/103
AverMedia TV Phone 98 wVCR
TV Phone/Capture 98 w/o VCR
AverMedia TV Phone/Capture 95
PixelView PlayTV Pro / PAK (PV-BT878P+ Rev. 4E)
FlyVideo 98 / II
TV Live
KWorld KW-TV878RF / KW-TV878-FBK
Genius Video Wonder Pro II V2

Leadtek WinFast TV2000
AverMedia AverTV DVB-S

Support low level hardware access drivers and WDM drivers: BtWinCap and Ivan Uskov's tweaked bt878 WDM drivers

If in the list it was not found your tuner, it is possible to pick up the necessary parameters by pressed button Learn in a setup window for btRemote plugin. The necessary parameters will be saved in file Custom.cfg, further they can be edited manually.

Please send me the adjustments for other tuners.

Many thanks JTV Host


Default type: "REMOTE"
ID: "<Button name>"
Parameter: Repeat counter, -1 if released

Wait before repeat: 300 ms
Repeat time: 100 ms

Actions: none

Run plugin setup for choice of tuner model and viewing button names.