BTC 8190

Keyboard events / emulation

For using DirectInput you need installed DirectX 8 or later.

Note: Names of keys on multimedia keyboards are compatible with Genius and BTC. Chicony multimedia keyboards use non-standard codes of multimedia keys.
Some multimedia keys have names chXX and may not correspond to different models of keyboards Chicony.

Supports BTC 8190 joystick / scroll

Using Low Level Windows Hook you can prevent default actions for some keys, for example VolumeMute.

Keyboard events:

Function: Comment:
Start() start keyboard monitoring
Stop() stop monitoring
StartManual("<keys>") register HotKeys
StopManual("<keys>") unregister HotKeys

Default type: "KEY"
ID: key name (for example "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A")
Value: always 0

Script example:

TestGroup = group( enabled ){
 Key1 = hook("KEY", "Ctrl+Shift+A", enabled){
  OSD("Test message!")

Keyboard emulation:

Keyabord( "<Command>", "<Params"> [, HWND] )

Commands: Params example: Comment:
"PRESS" "Ctrl+Alt+A"  
"KEYDOWN" "Num Enter"  
"KEYUP" "Num Enter"  
"TYPE" "Testing string" Type string using keyboard layout.
Note: for typing ["] use [""]
Example: Keyboard( "TYPE", "Testing ""string""" )
"ON" | "OFF" "Num Lock" | "Caps Lock" | "Scroll Lock"  
"LAYOUT" "English" or any other See "Keyboard layout hotkeys"
in plugin settings
Direct send keyboard messages:
"WM_KEYDOWN" "X", hWnd  
"WM_KEYUP" "X", hWnd  


Send key press command to minimized or inactive Winamp window:

h = Winamp("GET_HANDLE")
Keyboard( "WM_PRESS", "X", h )