OnScreenMenu (OSM)

Press Ctrl+Alt+M or Setup/Display remote control key to open OSM.
Use arrows/Enter/Esc on keyboard or Prev/Next/Enter/Cancel keys on remote control.

See also OSM.scs script


Default type: "OSM"
Event Value: 0
Event ID:
<Item ID> - Pressed Enter on selected item
_<Item ID> - Select item
<Item ID>_ - Deselect item


OSM( "<Command>" )

"LOAD" [, <profile>]
"GET_FOREGROUND" - returns handle of foreground window (not OSM)
"ISACTIVE" - returns 1 if OSM is active
"SHOW" [, <active item> ]
"CLEAR", <parent item> - delete all subitems
"ADD_BASE", <item>
"ADD", <item>, <id> [, n] - add subitem to BASE item

Use Setup to configure OSM.
Specify items ID as <TYPE>:<ID> to feign events which type differs from OSM


OSM( "CLEAR", "Applications" )
OSM( "ADD_BASE", "Applications" )
OSM( "ADD", "Winamp", "AUDIO:WINAMP" )
OSM( "ADD", "Winamp 3", "AUDIO:WINAMP%d", 3 )