RM-050 remote control with TV tuner card based on Philips saa713x chip

Supported tuners :

LifeView FlyVideo 2x00/3x00, DV2000/DV3000
Chronos Video Shuttle II FM (saa7130HL)
Eline TV Master 2000(FM)
Elta 8681 LV/TV
Manli HomeTV (some revisions)

Required: LifeView reference WDM driver version 20.32 - 20.53.

Special thanks to Zolotarev Andrey Andrei Karas


Default type: "REMOTE"
ID: "<Button name>"
Parameter: Repeat counter, -1 if released

Wait before repeat: 300 ms
Repeat time: 100 ms

Actions: none

Run plugin setup for choice of tuner model and viewing button names.