MegaDyna v1.19

It's a remake of one very old game. Features: cool graphics (you can make your own skins), cool music, cool sound effects and the most important thing: this game supports four players at the same time. One player can play using joystick.

Best for having a good time in a big company, this game was written for number of players from 2 to 4. As for me, it's so boring to play alone, increasing the power of bombs and killing dull monsters.

This game is written in C++Builder using my DirectDraw & DirectSound VCL components.

Requirements: DirectX 8 or more

Download: (1.9M) Link #1 Link #2

You can send author a request or an offer.

And here you can share your impressions with others (basically in Russian).


I recommend you to check other game GigaDyna, written in Delphi 4 using DelphiX.

Home page:

You can also compare my game with Mr.Boom 3.0 (ZIP ~630K).

Mr.Boom 3.0 home page:

MegaDyna history:

6.01.1999. I began to write it .

6 - 8.01.1999. Graphic engine was made in 3 days.

15.01.1999. Sound engine was made in 3 days.

22.01.1999. One more night for MP3 support.

6.02.1999. Release of the first working version 0.55 (jubilee one - 1 month passed).

7.03.1999. One more month for setting up to work with DirectX 6 - version 1.0 beta

Versions 1.10 - 1.13 from the beginning of autumn didn't differ much one from each other.

26.11.1999. Version 1.15 - many little bugs were fixed.

31.01.2000. Version 1.16 - Parts of a new engine were installed (about 560fps on PII-450 640x480 16bpp), some sound bugs were fixed.

1.03.2004. Version 1.18 - Compatible with DirectX 9, new skins, new bugs.

1.12.2014. Version 1.19 - Supported resolutions up to 1920x1280.

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