DirectSound VCL for C++Builder (full source code)

Play / Capture components
TSndPlay Output stream using WaveOut
TDSPlay Output stream using DirectSound
TDSCapture Input stream using DirectCapture
TDSProc Sound Processor (on full duplex sound card)
TDSWave Create DirectSound buffer and load Wave file
Sound effects
TSndChorus Chorus effect
TSndEcho Echo effect
TSndReverb Reverberation effect
TSndFFT FFT equalizer and shifting effect
Sound effects control
TSndControlChorus Window control for Chorus effect
TSndControlEcho Window control for Echo effect
TSndControlReverb Window control for Reverberation effect
TSndControlFFT Window control for FFT & shifting effect
TSndControlEQ Window control for Fast equalizer effect
Sound input stream
TSndWav Load Wave files using ACM
TSndMP3 Load MP3 (MPEG-1) / MP2 files
TSndMOD Load amiga MOD files
TSndUser Use user procedure for sound process
TDSCapturePlug TDSPlay + TDSCapturePlug = TDSProc
Analyzer and mixer
TSndAnalyzer Analyzer window (using with Play / Capture components)
TSndMixer Sound card mixer window

Download: (158K)

Requirements: DirectX library for BCB

Sound System 99 is based on this library. Also these components are used in game MegaDyna.

DirectDraw VCL for C++Builder

- Full source code
- Example project included
- Compatible with DirectX 9

TDDForm DirectDraw Form with Alpha & Tile effects
TDDSurface Create DirectDraw surface and load bitmap
TDDSprite Animation objects using DDSurface
TDDCanvas Easy draw on DirectDraw surface
TDDModesCombo ComboBox for select available video modes

Download: (472K)

Requirements: DirectX library for BCB

These components used in game MegaDyna.

Utilities VCL for C++Builder (full source code)

TWebLabel Label with Web Link
TWinVerLabel Label with Windows version
Misc. functions  

Download: (8K)

Requirements: DirectX library for BCB