Using DirectX 8.1 / DirectShow with C++Builder 6

I recommend download DirectX 8.1 SDK from

Copy all files from subdirectory 'Include' into C++Builder's 'Include', overwrite if exists.

For C++Builder 5 compatibility add in file d3dx8math.inl following string:

#define sqrtf(x) (FLOAT)sqrt(x)
#define asinf(x) (FLOAT)asin(x)

I recommend add in each *.h file following 2 strings:

#pragma option push -b -a8 -pc -A- /*P_O_Push*/
<original code>
#pragma option pop /*P_O_Pop*/

Make necessary libraries using implib.exe tool
>implib.exe dsound.lib dsound.dll
>implib.exe ddraw.lib ddraw.dll

For using DirectX 8.1 / DirectShow with C++Builder you need Borland compatible version of strmiids.lib, dxguid.lib, amstrmid.lib, dmoguids.lib (with GUIDs).

Project properties:

Check "MFC compatibility" on "Advanced Compiler" tab and "Treat enum types as ints" on "Compiler" tab.

Update following lines in BPR file manually:



<USERDEFINES value="_MBCS;U__midl"/>


<ALLLIB value="$(LIBFILES) $(LIBRARIES) import32.lib cw32mt.lib"/>


Description Link #1 Link #2 Size Date
Simply MediaPlayer with support DirectShow DMO Audio Effect (including source code) 319K 04/12/2003
All DirectX 8.1 SDK libraries compatible with C++Builder 6, including all GUID LIBs (strmiids.lib) 795K 12/10/2004
All *.h files from DirectX 9 SDK compatible with C++Builder 6 1.2M 12/10/2004
DirectX utilities and additional classes (source + DXCommon.lib) 245K 12/10/2004
DirectShow Base Classes from DirectX 9 SDK (source + StrmBase.lib) 1.1M 12/10/2004
DirectShow special effects image filter (EZRGB24.AX) from DirectX 9 SDK
converted for C++Builder 6 (required DirectShow Base Classes). 83K 12/10/2004

The Microsoft® DirectX® SDK provides a debugging utility called GraphEdit,
which you can use to create and test filter graphs.

After starting GraphEdit, select "Graph | Insert Filter", and insert the filter in the graph.
It appears under "DirectShow Filters". Select "File | Render Media File"
for any video file you have at hand. Insert the test filter in the video stream and test,
if the stream is rendered correctly. 151K 04/12/2003

Links: - DirectX component libraries for BCB

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