SoundStream SDK (Examples & VCL for C++Builder)

Now while there is no description in English language.

More plugins scheduled in near future (visualisation, FIR equalizer, Dolby and etc.)


ACM ACM converter
DSndOut DirectSound output
WaveOut WaveOut output
WaveIn WaveIn capture
RawRead Read RAW data from files
WavRead Read WAV files
WavWrite Write WAV files
MpegDec MPEG-1,2 L1,2,3 Decoder based on NekoAmp 1.4
Mp3Read Read and decode MP3 files
Echo Simple Echo effect with window control
SoundTools 1.0

Universal tools for using and testing SoundStream plugins
(like GraphEdit utility from DirectX 8 SDK)

Mp3Min Simple console Win32 MP3 Player
MP3Bsc Multithread MP3 Player (used Mp3Read and DSndOut plugin)
Mp3Adv Multithread MP3 Player (used RawRead, MpegDec and DSndOut plugin)
slystreamsnd.h Main C++ header
Mp3Read Source code for MP3 read and decode plugin
(Under construction)
ComboBoxes for select sound devices
TWaveInDevCombo WaveInput
TWaveOutDevCombo WaveOutput
TDCaptureDevCombo DirectCapture
TDSoundDevCombo DirectSound

Download: (509K) - SoundStream Plugins (407K) - SoundStream Tools (289K) - Source & Examples (11K) - VCL

Requirements: DirectX library for BCB