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General information

After start SlyControl in tray the icon is added.
By one left click opens / close a configuration window.
By right click popups the menu, almost identical menu File.
Exit from Slycontrol it is possible only through menu File > Exit, it is not enough closing of a configuration window.

Plugins and their settings are stored in subdirectory Plugins. Scripts are stored in subdirectory Data.

If in scripts there were no errors at start SlyControl at once starts a script.
For editing a script (manually or with the help of the Wizard) it is necessary to stop SlyControl by the button .
Setup of plugins can be carried out and at a started script, however I advise after setup of a plugin to restart a script.
The script is reloaded by the button , but not started. This button is useful when any file of a script was changed by other program (for example in a Notepad) and the script is necessary for reloading.
The button it is possible to start a script after a stop or reload a script.

Quick start for version 2.6 or later - run Configuration Wizard...

1.1. It is necessary to choose a plugin (or plugins) for reception of commands from Remote Control.

1.2. It is necessary to setup the chosen plugin. For example if you use btRemote, it is necessary to choose type of TV tuner. If use UIR, necessary to choose COM port etc. By default the SlyControl is configured on work with the Remote Control from TV tuner AverTV Model 203. If at you other Remote Control, it is necessary to train the chosen plugin on this Remote Control unit and whenever possible to give buttons standard names that it was not necessary to correct scripts.

Some buttons are remapped in a script remote.scs Names of buttons for btRemote plugin can be corrected in a file btRemote.ini.
The name of keys at use WIRC / WinLIRC and uICE are set in these programs. For WIRC / WinLIRC it is enough to edit his configuration file *.cf.

2. WLircSrv plugin (WinLIRC server emulation) disabled by default. It can be enabled, if you want to use SlyControl with programs which understand WinLIRC, for example ProgDVB.

Do not enable WLircSrv plugin simultaneously with WinLIRC plugin or if you use WinLIRC program.
If you don't have network card, WLircSrv plugin may not work under Windows 98 (open socket error).

3. Configure SndMixer presets

If in your PC there is a tuner it's necessary to adjust SndMixer presets: MuteTuner and UnmuteTuner.
By default adjustment for Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 under Windows 2000/XP.

It will allow to automatically unmute sound at start of the TV / RADIO program and mute a sound at its closing.

No need to configure Wave/MP3, MIDI, LineIn mixer control for version 2.7.10 or more.

4. Application scripts

To reduce the size of used memory it is possible to disable scripts for those programs which you don't use.

5. Select favorite multimedia programs

Buttons AUDIO, VIDEO, TV, CD are started the favorite applications specified in script file favorites.scs. If the program is already started, it becomes activated and enabled the group corresponding to it. Event MMEDIA: DISABLE is generated. As parameter is set the number of the activated multimedia application, other disabled.

6. Additional options

See Configuration Wizard.

7. Testing.

If on your PC it is installed WinAMP on a default path (C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe) and you more than nothing changed in scripts and on your Remote Control there is a button described as AUDIO by pressing it should be started WinAMP.