SlyControl is the powerful Windows automation tool.

SlyControl lets you remotely control your computer using infrared remote control console from a TV cards package, or through any other devices, for example multimedia keyboard, joystick.

SlyControl allow to run and remotely control any Windows applications, like a CDPlayer, WinAmp, TV, Radio & DVD players. You can also remotely run screen saver, log off, reboot or shutdown system by the timer or on other event.

SlyControl can simulate keys pressing, mouse movement and click control. Among many useful functions are: messages sending, volume control, windows monitoring and management, OSD, OnScreenMenu, TextToSpeech and many other. As against the scheduler, SlyControl may not only simple start the program on time but also execute with it any actions.

Usually remote control software are used for control Winamp or Media Player. But their abilities are limited to it. SlyControl can much more. SlyControl uses a events / actions / hardware access plug-ins and built-in script language.

It allows to create very flexible configurations. It is possible to use SlyControl for automation of any same actions, for example to fill a database (using emulation of the keyboard) or to answer periodic inquiries of other programs making a choice with the set algorithm. A real situation - it was necessary to remove some thousand conflicts in a database between SQL servers. SlyControl spent 0.7 seconds for one choice. To make it manually some days would be required. Thus the person on the same actions starts to be mistaken in 5 minutes. SlyControl at correct configuration is not mistaken.

SlyControl supports many infra-red receivers, tuners and other devices where IR remote control are used. Anybody precisely did not compare, but so much devices are not supported with any other software.

If you are familiar in programming, you may create your own plugin for special hardware or your favorite application not included in the package. See SDK for detailed development informations.

SlyControl screenshotCurrent version of SlyControl 2.7.12

13/04/2004 - Whats new:

Find and Replace in script editor
You can fix application path in configuration wizard
Plugin DCD is more stable now
Script for AverTV 5.x
Script for WinDVD 5
Plugin Keyboard supports scrolling on BTC keyboards
You can specify prevent keys in plugin Keyboard
Fixed mouse wheel emulation in plugin Mouse
Add / fixed config files for plugin btRemote

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How it works

Event > Hooks > Actions

Hooks are grouped. Groups and hooks may be enabled / disabled. Actions may be absolute anyone: calculation of mathematical expressions, managements of external applications and in general everything.

The configuration is set by special script language in several text files. The script is possible for editing manually or with the help of the Wizard.

For generation of events and start of actions are available plug-ins. One plug-in may generate events and execute actions, there are functions for a call of actions without preset (necessary parameters are set in script).

Built-in Windows Monitor. Will allow to see structure of windows / controls in any program.


OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP.

Version 4.71 and later of Shlwapi.dll

It is optimized for Windows 2000 / XP.

Possible difficulties at use in Windows 98 / ME:

- Will not be determined EXE files of processes;
- Without a network card may not work WLircSrv / WinLIRC / uICE plugins (error open socket).
- Log needs to be disabled (in Windows 9x a limit 64KB)