Supported hardware>>>

Presented plugins
(click on the name for the detailed description)
Input Devices
Keyboard keyboard events and emulation
Mouse mouse events and emulation
Joystick joystick events
Infra-Red Remote Control
GotView GotView TV tuner
AtiRemote ATI Remote Wonder
btRemote TV tuner card based on bt848 / 878 chip
DCD Receive and transmit IR remote control commands via Generic LIRC / WinLIRC device, plugged to COM port
FlyRC2 TV tuner card based on Philips SAA713x chip:
LifeView FlyVideo RM-050, Manli MuchTV TV-001/002 RC, TerraTec Cinergy 400/600 RC,
KWorld TV7130RF RC, ECS EZ-TV TVP3XP RC, AVerTV(Studio) 305 (SAA7130)
IgorPlug IgorPlug-USB (AVR)
(see detailed description)
(see detailed description)
SIR COM IrDA (Tekram IR-210 and other)
IRCOM Pinnacle PCTV, Creative Infra (PC-DVD) and other receivers plugged to COM port
IR Link IR Link receiver
LiveDrive RM-900 with Creative SoundBlaster Live! / Audigy Drive
M205 TV tuner card Tekram M205 Pro
MSIMega MSI Mega Series (Microstar)
MSIRemote TV tuners and VGA cards MSI (Microstar)
MSRC Microsoft eHome Remote Control
pv951 TV tuner card Acorp / MediaForte pv951
rm050 RM-050 with TV tuner card based on Philips SAA713x chip
SAA713x TV tuner card based on Philips SAA713x chip:
LifeView TV Prime 34 FM, AverTV AVerTV(Studio) 307, GotView 7134, etc.
cx2388x TV tuner card based on Conexant cx2388x chip:
Prolink PixelView Pro TV Ultra, etc.
sndRemote IR Remote Control via Sound Card
uICE uICE client
UIR UIR / IRman / Uniper / RedRay receiver plugged to COM port
WinLirc receive and transmit IR Remote Control commands via WinLIRC
WLircSrv WinLIRC server allows to transfer commands to the programs understanding
WinLIRC without additional plugins and scripts
CDAudio Audio CD control
ExecFile performs an action on a file (execute file, open folder)
Math calculation of mathematical expressions
OSD OnScreenDisplay
OSM OnScreenMenu
PlaySnd play sound from WAV file or current sound theme
SndMixer sound mixer control
Str manipulating strings
Timer timer
TrayIcon SlyControl icon in system tray
TTS Speech synthesis
WinCtrl windows control, post windows messages
WinExit shutdown, reboot, logoff, hibernate, suspend
WinMon windows monitoring
WriteLog Write to SlyControl log
Plug-in Application Support (Home Page)
Winamp Winamp
Apollo Apollo


Borg bTV and bRadio
Radiator Radiator
BSPlayer BSPlayer




Fly2000TV Fly2000TV








DScaler DScaler
foobar2k foobar2k
Support of other applications is realized by scripts with use of available plug-ins>>>
Third party SlyControl plug-ins you can download separately
Girder Aallow to use plug-ins from Girder with SlyControl
SlyOpenFile Plug-in for select file
BeholderRC TV tuner Behold TV
Slider Display a volume level like on TV
OSD Slider Analogue Slider is created only by a script with use available plug-ins


Plug-ins by Atis Lezdins aka xAM:
- remote-controlling SlyControl over Network
- useful for automated changing of resolution
- displaying current time if you're watching TV, no need to minimize your TV-program.
- displaying welcome screens, that differ, depending from time of day, etc.

WPLM WinampPLManager by shad (searches for files by mask and adds them in OSM menu)
RemoteBeeper by Bechikov Alexander aka TeSTeR
foobar2k plug-in for foobar2000

Developed and planned plug-ins for support new hardware see here.

The following plugins are planned:

- In the long term - voice control.

Loading and setup plug-ins

Plug-ins are loaded by command Load() in scripts. IR Remote Control Plug-ins can be chosen through the Configuration Wizard. Choose the necessary plug-in on Plugins tab (1), (2).

Global options on the right are accessible to some plug-ins (3).

Some plug-ins have Events and Action Presets (4).

Events Presets allow to adjust a plug-in that it reacted and generated events under concrete conditions (for example plug-in WinMon watches(keeps up) the certain appendices, windows).

Not always it is possible to transfer all necessary data as parameters in function ActionManual (). Action Presets allow to adjust parameters of actions and to execute action having caused function ActionPreset ().

For adjustment Preset it is necessary to choose Events or Actions (4), choose necessary Preset (5) and open Preset Setup Window (6).

That Preset has appeared in the list, it needs to be specified somewhere in scripts, for example in function ActionPreset () as:
<plug-in> .ActionPreset (<preset>)
and restart scripts.